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Real-Estate Consultancy

Our company deploys tried-and-true advice to determine when, where, and how you should invest. With the guidance of our realtors we ensure that each of our patron's needs are met to the core of their satisfaction. We provide a variety of residential, professional, and multi-purpose properties with transparent dealings while dealing with our clients.





Our firm endows a diverse set of services. We are a team of architects, designers, and engineers with years of expertise. With the use of our 3d modelling architecture models, we give architect design services for floor plans, house plans, office plans, and building architecture design along with architecture graphic design, whatever is accustomed to the needs of our clientele.





Bascon builders is pioneer in providing customers with real-worth construction services. Our housing consists of great contemporary style commercial and residential complexes, all of which are conveniently positioned in a prime location. With a visible commitment to quality and a single minded purpose of innovating landscape, our projects strive for iconic status. We are aimed at providing a luxurious lifestyle with pocket friendly building companies.



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