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Time for nature’s sustainability building materials

A good planet is hard to come by; be grateful if you have one.

As the global awareness of abolition grows, Bascon is proud to play its role as one of the biodegradable construction company in Pakistan. The necessity of sustainable and green building methods is a top priority for us while constructing with the breakthroughs of technological advancement of new materials, equipment’s and processes.

How are green building materials any better?

Ecofriendly builders and developers construction materials are those that have been produced, installed and maintained in a manner that has a low environmental impact. They must be long-lasting, reusable, or recyclable and be derived from local resources. They must also be natural and resistant to cold, heat, and humidity.  These materials ought to be extremely capable of incorporating a variety of technologies, such as capturing energy and capturing CO2 while removing pollution. 

Keep scrolling to select building materials for your Green construction project.


 Cork flooring is gaining popularity in Pakistan due to its multiple benefits, including its low cost and eases of maintenance. Cork is extensively used in flooring because of its antimicrobial, insulation, and ability to endure pressure while returning to its original shape.

It also is utilized as an insulating layer in both the walls and the floors as it won't decay absorb water or create any dangerous or toxic fumes when burned.


Bamboo has a high weight to strength ratio and is stronger than brick and concrete compressively, and lasts an extraordinarily long time. Bamboo is the most suitable material for cabinetry and flooring. While Bamboo is a low-cost but fashionable building material since it is lightweight and grows at a rapid rate.



One of the Sustainable construction materials is Timber that has the lowest environmental impact during its manufacturing and growth stage, and it must be certified to ensure that its production and origin are both sustainable. Because of its strength and longevity, up till now timber was one of the oldest building materials to be used. It was used to construct houses and cottages long before steel and concrete were even invented.


Steel is one of the most frequently recycled construction building materials. Making a wooden home structure necessitates a large amount of lumber, which necessitates the felling of many trees impacting a negative influence on the environment. On the other hand, using recycled steel saves energy and allows for the reuse of materials from wrecked cars and other goods. That is how effective steel can be. It has a high level of durability, which means it can endure heavy winds and even earthquakes making it favorable for building contractors.

Across the globe, sustainability has become an intrinsic aspect of construction and development processes. In terms of urban development, more countries are going toward greener products and energy sources. Current and future sustainable construction methods provide facility managers with a variety of alternatives when it comes to implementing environmentally friendly practices that are both efficient and cost effective.

Anyone concerned for future generation will surely opt for greener choices, one of such ,our real estate builders & construction company.


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