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3 Tips to stay safe from land mafia

The insatiable hunger for land grabbing is never ending. To stay safe from the Qabza mafias in Pakistan, one can only take a number of precautionary measures. Our Lahore real estate agents can assist and guide you through the procedure.

In terms of law, The Prime Minister, Imran Khan has also directed that stern legal action be taken at all levels of government, both federal and provincial. According to the notification, the launch of the exclusive category is intended to assist the people in raising complaints about their lands being grabbed locally and especially for overseas Pakistani’s to be dealt with top priority, after all complaints are examined thorough fully a trial will be held.

Here are three brief steps on how to remain safe from land grabbers:


Gerard Manley Hopkins quoted “Your personal boundaries protect the inner core of your identity and your right- “ 

Why hesitate to use boundaries for your property?

Boundaries can either be established by a wall, a fence or simple sign boards with the investors contact number and information. It serves as a warning to would be land grabbers ( Qabza Mafia) that the land isn't vacant and that the real owner isn't far away. Even if you don't build a whole wall, at the very least make a visible boundary to let everyone know it's yours.


Visit Often

If you've made an investment in a property, make sure you communicate with the society’s management or their real estate salesperson. Make certain that all local property dealers are aware that you are the owner of that specific plot of land. Socialize to know the major participants in the local real estate market. Although it may appear to be a lot of work, many of my sources say that making these changes will help you stay secure.

If you are overseas or can’t visit frequently, try hiring a guard. A guard can keep the land grabbers at bay, ensuring security and keep an update on any recent changes in the society.

Digitalized documents

A digitalized entry of your purchased property can go a long way. There are multiple listing services our consultants can provide stressing about how safe digitalized entry is, meanwhile do keep a genuine and a copy of your documents within reach. Before Purchasing keep an eye out fake renters or real estate documenters. Make sure the plot you're buying hasn't been sold before. A little research can be beneficial for safeguarding your interests. Following the receipt of the paperwork, notify the relevant authorities in your area, such as the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) in Karachi and the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) in Lahore, of the property transfer.

Before you invest your money, consult with a realtor from a real estate agency. Their advice will not only keep your money from going down the drain, but will also point you in the direction of a profitable, low-risk investment. If you need quick consultancy, we will be glad to respond.

Happy Investing!

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